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Ubah Educational Services: the Solution
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the Problem

the Solution

Goals and Objectives

Components of Ubah

What Make Ubah Different

According to many of our community leaders, an after school program run by Africans themselves, is the best solution for this problem. Ubah empowers these young Africans. They will take the improvement of their education into their own hands.

As learners realize their personal educational goals, they will become productive in social, cultural and workplace situations, enhancing their integration into their newly adopted society. Since it is the first educational program undertaken by the African community in Minneapolis, Ubah bestows a sense of self-reliance, unity and purpose on the community. And compared to similar projects, Ubah is cost effective. It combines the funds of charitable organizations and the in-kind contributions of the African community, itself, with the efforts of the students. Nothing is wasted.

An illustration of the program's cost effectiveness is that it overcomes the problematic language barrier issue. In many programs for immigrants the program agents and the clients do not speak the same language. Often the programs hire translators. In Ubah, the learners and the program agents (staff, tutors and volunteers) speak the same language.

For more information call (612) 874-9667.

2201 Blaisdell Av S
Minneapolis MN 55404

Waad Mahadsantahiin, Waa Macalimiintii & iyo Maamulkii oo markale Idin leh ku soo dhawaada waxbarasho shuruud la'aan ah.