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Ubah Educational Services: Goals and Objectives

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the Problem

the Solution

Goals and Objectives

Components of Ubah

What Make Ubah Different

The overall goal of Ubah is to offer remedial education to Africans, who want to upgrade their educational and learning skills to a level that meets their personal goals, and that is acceptable to American workplace, schools, colleges, or universities.


  • To help African immigrants to achieve their educational goals.
  • To upgrade the educational and workplace skills of African immigrants.
  • To train African parents in the supervision of their children's time and school work.
  • To sensitize African immigrants to American life, history and culture.
  • To organize an after school homework club for African school children (Grades 5 -12)

Expected immediate and long-term results

The first dividend from the program will be unity. The divided African community will learn to work with each other again. The civil war has poisoned personal relations between Somalis. The act of planning, implementing or using the services of Ubah brings the community together. Already, they have been drawn together by working together on other community projects, their common interests, culture, and their loneliness in an alien culture. The expected long term results of the project include that the program clients will acquire skills in English and basic education. At the end of the program, they will be able to solve math problems, read, write and follow instruction in English. In other words, they will become functionally literate in English. Ubah, in its entirety, is an adaptation process. Immigrants will become fully functional in American society. They will be cognizant of all the major issues pertaining to their lives.

For more information call (612) 334-9654

609 10th Street South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

Waad Mahadsantahiin, Waa Macalimiintii & iyo Maamulkii oo markale Idin leh ku soo dhawaada waxbarasho shuruud la'aan ah.