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Ubah Educational Services: What Makes Ubah Different?
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What Make Ubah Different

Other providers of Educational Upgrading in the Twin Cities In the twin cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, there are several places were an ambitious immigrant can register for English and basic literacy courses. These places include churches and local and state government programs. These programs have not been popular with Somalis. Somali immigrants want to improve their employment prospects after undergoing an educational program. Programs that are already in existence can not help them in that area. Further, Somalis, being Muslims, associate churches and church-run programs with religious proselytization; and their present-day educational competencies fall short of the skills that they need to enroll in government sponsored courses. Gender, also, plays a role. Muslim women are not comfortable in mixed classes.

The distinctiveness of Ubah manifests itself in its uniqueness, appropriateness and timeliness. Ubah has been conceived by Africans and is run by them, a singular situation for an educational program. It is an appropriate solution to a community problem, because it will be the sole educational program that satisfies the educational needs of African immigrants who can not be accommodated by other educational programs.

The program is timely. It catches learners as they begin to learn about the American culture, life and work. If we tried to accommodate them at a later date, they would miss an opportunity of a life-time. They would lose the personal excitement, enthusiasm for American culture, and hunger for knowledge that they possess now.

For more information call (612) 874-9667.

2201 Blaisdell Av S
Minneapolis MN 55404

Waad Mahadsantahiin, Waa Macalimiintii & iyo Maamulkii oo markale Idin leh ku soo dhawaada waxbarasho shuruud la'aan ah.